Manning’s ‘hurry up offense’ helps Broncos beat Raiders

By Nicole Mercier

It was a hard day to be an Oakland Raiders fan on Sunday afternoon following the embarrassing outcome of a 37-6 loss to division rivals, the Denver Broncos, at Mile High Stadium.

As the game began, with the regular referees back in action, and Dennis Allen hoping to showcase his new team to his former one, I could only hope for the best as a Raider’s fan. And the best is what I seemed to get only in the first half of the game.

In the first quarter both teams were able to put points up on the board. During the Broncos first possession of the game, they march down the field quickly and Peyton Manning easily finds the hands of Joel Dreessen for a 22-yard pass that results in a touchdown, with the extra point good. While the Raiders are in possession, though Carson Palmer and Darren McFadden make a good effort to move down the field, they have to settle for a 38-yard field goal from Sebastian Janikowski. As the Broncos fight their way for another touchdown, the Raider defense are able to hold them off to a 21-yard field goal from Matt Prater to finish the first quarter with a score of 10-3, Broncos.

The second quarter brought an interesting mix of challenge flags, sacks, fumbles, faked punts, and only one score: a field goal for Janikowski from 24 yards out. Putting the score at 10-6 Broncos at the half. With such a close score, the second half promises to be just as tight knit as the first.

But things are never as they seem. In the third quarter alone, Manning is able to produce three touchdowns within six minutes of each other. One 17-yard pass to Eric Decker, one 2-yard run by Willis McGahee, and one 14-yard pass to Lance Ball; all extra points are good. Palmer and the Raider offense on the other hand put on a poor performance of four three and out possessions. By the end of the third, the score is 31-6, Broncos.

As the fourth quarter begins, the Raiders take to the field looking extremely broken. But the defense seems to wake up a bit and are able to hold the Broncos to two field goals. Prater puts up one 43-yarder, and a 53-yarder. Palmer and his offense continue to struggle like they did in the third quarter and the game ends with a disappointing score of 37-6, Broncos.

So as Oakland and Denver await the next rivalry game on December 6th, I can only hope the outcome will be much different than what occurred on the field on Sunday.

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