Bank on Brady for more glory



Tom Brady will become a Super Bowl champion for the fourth time this year.

Why? Because of his ability to guide his New England Patriots into an often no-huddle attack and by using just one word as the play call.

The Patriots’ offence is one of the best in the business and when they get their no-huddle attack going they can be very hard to stop – as the Denver Broncos found out on Sunday as Brady guided the Pats to a 31-21 win at Foxborough.

Against the Broncos, the Patriots ran their plays faster than ever, setting  a franchise-record of 35 first downs and running an incredible 89 offensive plays.

Brady often uses just one word to call a play at the line of scrimmage, incredible when you think “flip right, double-X jet, 36 counter, naked waggle, X-7, X-quarter” is the length of a typical play call in the NFL.

“I think the point of it is to try to get everyone going fast. So as fast as you can get the communication to your team-mates, everyone can be on the line of scrimmage, then the better it is,” explained Brady.

“We have a really heavy terminology-based offence. So everything is really memorization with us, which is actually really hard, I think, for the guys that come in here because things usually don’t make a lot of sense.”

Brady was denied a fourth Super Bowl after a 21–17 defeat to the New York Giants in last year’s showpiece, but bank on the former Michigan State quarterback to come back better than ever this year and claim his fourth title.

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