Should John Terry and Ashley Cole be sacked?

By Adam Conway

For those of you that have been living under a rock for the past year, the incident that occurred at Loftus Road in October 2011  is still, to this day, creating controversy and cause for debate. I won’t go into the finer details of the scandal, but will pose the question; Should John Terry and Ashley Cole be sacked by Chelsea Football Club?

On one hand, you have the argument that one would not get away with such behaviour in a standard, run-of-the-mill job. Racism of any kind is generally not tolerated in any walk of life, but to call someone a “fucking black cunt” in a working environment is grounds for instant dismissal.

However, footballers don’t have standard, run-of-the-mill jobs. They’re a protected species. John Terry and Ashley Cole are invaluable cogs in the machine that is Chelsea Football Club. These cogs may be tarnished, but if they run the machine, which churns out the profits, that’s all that matters, right?

Personally, I believe they (particularly Terry) should be sacked. Terry’s act was inexcusable, and Cole’s part in the whole ordeal was shameful. Do I believe they will be? Not a chance. It’s easy for an outsider looking in to demand the club takes action. I think almost everyone can agree that racism has no place in the game, but when you are running a business, profits will, more often than not, outweigh morals.

Let’s pretend for a moment, in an ideal world, the Chelsea hierarchy take the moral high ground. John Terry and Ashley Cole are shown the door. We now have a situation where Chelsea are a considerably weaker team, they’ve damaged their title hopes, and half the Premier League are sniffing around two of the best defenders in the country. Is it realistic to believe for a second that they would take that chance? I think not.

It’s by no means safe to assume that every other club would be so ethical as to shun that level of talent. Chelsea cannot afford to take that risk. Like it or not, at this level, football is a business first, and Terry and Cole are two of the best in the business. It would be nice to see Chelsea set the bar, and an example to be made in the fight to clamp down on racism, but unfortunately money speaks louder than words.

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