News Piece, Giants shut down 49ers

Nicole Del Villano

With a rivalry that reaches from East coast to West coast, there was no question who the better team was in the New York Giants 26-3 defeat of the San Francisco 49ers.

The teams met for the first time Sunday night on 49ers field since their matchup last season in the NFC Championship game. The Giants took the title, and eventually the title of Superbowl Champions, after winning in overtime 20-17 on the same field late January. Trying to prove that overtime win as a fluke, pressure seemed to be too much for the 49ers to handle as the reigning Superbowl Champions crushed them.

One player that particularly felt the pressure was 49ers quarterback, Alex Smith, throwing three interceptions; the most Smith has thrown in a single game in the past five seasons. The Giants picked up on the weakness as Prince Amukamara picked off one pass and Antrel Rolle received the other two. The Giants winning defense also came out to play letting 314 yards go, but only allowing 80 rushing yards total.

While 49ers offense struggled, the defense tried to save the game but was unsuccessful. The defense allowed 342 yards, 149 of them rushing from Bradshaw and Wilson. However, the one place the defense was able to hold on was after the mistakes made by Smith. The Giants turned both interceptions into field goals, Eli Manning and the offense not being able to make it through 49ers line. Lawrence Tynes kicked a total of four field goals for the Giants from various places inside the 34 yard line.

After trash talk in the media done by the 49ers leading up to this game, the Giants proved that they earned their spot into the Superbowl last season with this deafening defeat.

Source: ESPN Recap and Play by Play

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