NBA puts foot down on flopping


By Nicole Mercier

Over the years, the flop has become an art form to players in the NBA. But that is all about to change. The NBA is finally putting an end to the childish form of basketball these professional athletes partake in. But will it work?

It has recently been released that during the NBA 2012-2013 season, there is a new anti-flopping rule. For those of you unaware of what a flop is, it consists of a player falling down in a theatrical manner when a player from the opposing team makes contact. The hope is of course to draw the foul.

But what will constitute as flopping and not an actual foul? According to the new rule, “Flopping will be defined as any physical act that appears to have been intended to cause the referees to call a foul on another player.” So basically, if the player falls in a manner that does not agree with the way they were hit, the league will consider them to be flopping.

So Blake Griffin, Kobe Bryant, and countless other individuals beware – whenever the league believes that you have flopped, there will be repercussions. For the first offense, the player will only receive a warning. But for the second offense, the money gets thrown in and the player pays $5,000. From there, the fines go up by $5,000 with every offense up to the fifth violation. On the sixth one, the player will be subject to discipline, which could be more money, or suspension.

And as the NBA regular season closes in on its start date, fans should be on the lookout for their favorite floppers and see if they will hold back on the theatrics. Or maybe they will try and see how far they can push the league with the rule. Either way, this new rule will definitely add more spice to YouTube clips this year.

Sources: ESPN,, Daily Sundial

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