Bray Wanderers fall short during final game at home against the Bohemians






By Nicole Mercier

With their last home turf appearance for the Premier League Division 2012 season, the Bray Wanderers were unable to overtake their opponents, the Bohemians, and lost 4-1 at Carlisle Grounds in Bray Friday night. Goals by Dave Mulcahy, Keith Buckley, Andy Mulligan, and Ryan McEvoy help clinch the win for the Bohs.

During the first half of the match, there was a mix of cheap fouls, arguing, a few shots on net that had potential and one red card. But no goals accounted for.

With the Bohemians starting the game off right with easily passing the ball and trying to set up plays, the Bray Wanderers looked as if they needed a few more hours of practice. The first shot on net did come from the Wanderers though when Jason Bryne was able to get a quick steal and produce a swift kick towards the net, but Bohemian defenders were there to deflect it.

The Bohemians were able to get a few corner kicks off, but each shot either went right into Bray’s keeper, Brian Kane’s, hands or was wide of the net. As play continued, Andy Mulligan, of the Bohemians, was able to create space to get off a shot, but Kane easily dove to stop it. Seconds later Bohemians gained back the possession and Keith Buckley attempted another shot. But again, Kane was quick on his feet and was able to stop the ball.

With a quick breakaway for Ryan McEvoy, of Bohemians, it looked as if a goal could be on its way, but Dave Webster of Bray trips him on the breakaway, resulting in a yellow card for Webster. Within minutes, Bohemian player Dinny Corcoran receives another breakaway, only to be tripped again by Webster, who gets the red card.

The first half of the game ends with a score of 0-0.

As the second half begins, both teams come out looking stronger than they did in the first. But the Bohemians get back into their stride and continue to dominating the possession while Bray just runs around helplessly. During the 51st minute, Keith Buckley is able to aim the ball in-between Bray defenders to teammate Dave Mulcahy who scores the first goal of the game.

Less then a minute later, Buckley is able to produce his own goal for the Bohemians by sliding inside the box and sneaking the ball past Kane.

As the match continues, Bray gets possession of the ball and gets a penalty shot called for them. Jason Bryne takes the penalty shot and it easily sails into the goal. Finally Bray is on the board.

As the minutes pass, with the Bohemians keeping the ball between them, Andy Mulligan see an open net, but the ball soars right over it. In an attempt to redeem himself, Mulligan finds the ball in his possession again and is able to put it in the goal.

Bray is able to get a couple more shots on net, but none go in. The ball seems to be more attracted to the Bohemians the way they are able to handle it and keep it amongst themselves.

Both teams do their own fair share of subbing out players for fresher legs, but for Bray it does no good. Within the last few minutes of the game, where you can see the look of defeat on Brays faces, Ryan McEvoy cuts them deeper by giving a hard kick towards the goal from outside the box, and it flies by Kane.

The last minutes pass with no excitement between either team and the game ends with the Bohemians easily pulling out the win over Bray 4-1. As the teams and fans begin to crowd out of the stadium, the shouts of, “see you next year,” can be heard from every direction.

Bray fan Katy Foley doesn’t have much to say after the defeat of her team. But comments that, “It would have been nice to have won our last home game.” While Bohemian fan, James Moran, has to say, “The game was fantastic. It was a good fluid football match.”

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