Tigers sweep Yankees in ALCS Championship

Nicole Del Villano

After being pushed back a day due to rain delay, the Detroit Tigers swept the New York Yankees in Game 4 Thursday night to clinch the ALCS title 8-1. As Yankees big payroll players came up short, a crowd of 42,000 watched the Tigers celebrate on their home field going to the World Series for the first time since 2006. With an astounding 10 pitcher changes combined and an overall 4 homeruns from the Tigers, it was a game for the books.

The game began in Detroit’s favor as Max Scherzer went three up, three down with the Yankees players for the first two innings. CC Sabathia did not face the same ease as he took the mound starting for the Yankees. With runners on each corner in the first inning, Delmon Young came to the plate and hit long to the right bringing in the first run of the game. The Yankees answered on defense in the second inning, not allowing any runs, however the first show of aggression came through. 8th man batter, Avisail Garcia, bunted the ball and proceeded to steal 2nd base, a message to the Yankees that the Tigers were ready to play.

As the top of the third came around the Yankees were finally able to get on base after Tigers first baseman, Prince Fielder, messed up a basic two-hand catch. However, after a stolen base and a walk onto first, Yankees offense was once again stopped without getting any runs. Yankees first baseman, Mark Teixeira, struggled in the bottom of the third allowing 2 different hits to pass him leaving the bases loaded. Garcia once again stepped up for the Tigers, hitting a ball over Sabathia’s head and bringing in another run.

With the score 4-0 Tigers, Scherzer proved himself as an amazing pitcher going two more innings with the three up, three down streak. It was an opposite story for Sabathia in the fourth as he began to fold allowing two homeruns. Miguel Cabrera brought in a two run homerun, also marking his first homerun in the post season. Jhonny Peralta soon followed with another two run homerun bringing the score up to 6-0. As movement began in the Yankees dugout, Andy Dirks stepped up to the plate and got a double play off of Sabathia. With the game unraveling quickly, manager Joe Girardi made his way to pull Sabathia off the mound and brought in Cody Eppley to tie up the end of the inning.

It took until the 6th inning for Yankees to break Scherzer’s streak as third baseman, Eduardo Nunez, was able to get a triple play. Outfielder Nick Swisher followed with a double play, and by doing so brought Nunez home putting the Yankees on the board 6-1.  With players in the corners and two outs, Scherzer was 98 pitches into the game and the change came bringing in Drew Smyly to pitch against Alex Rodreguiz easily getting him out. Joba Chamberlain was brought in to try and help the Yankees and the offense responded to the change not allowing runs even with players on the base.

Bottom of the seventh brought Austin Jackson’s homerun against Derek Lowe and the start of the end of Game 4. Phil Coke took the mound as the closer for the Tigers, not allowing any runs for the rest of the game. The same could not be found for the Yankees as David Robertson, the sixth pitcher change, allowed another homerun by Peralta bringing the score to 8-1. With the final out being caught by Fields, the Tigers rushed onto the field to celebrate their win.

The Detroit Tigers will be on a break until the champion of the NLCS is determined. The San Francisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals are currently 1-2 in their 7 game series. Once a winner is found the Detroit Tigers will be prepared to meet them in The World Series.

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