When will they ever see his likes again?

Gary Twigg got a worthy goodbye at Tallaght Stadium as he scored two goals for Shamrock Rovers in their last home game of the season. One goal from UCD’s David McMillan made the final score 2-1.

By Magnus Gamlem at Tallaght Stadium

Gary Twigg proved yet again to be an exellent striker as he scored his 85th and 86th for the Rovers. That was enough to secure the victory over UCD.

Shamrock Rovers and Gary Twigg got a warm welcome from the home fans at Tallaght Stadium friday night. A banner said « When will we ever see your likes again», refering to the fact that this was Gary Twiggs last home game for the Rovers. Twigg is the teams top scorer this season, standing with 18 goals before the game started.

It was a quiet start to the game, where both teams needed some time to get started. Both Shamrock and UCD were clearly unfocused and loss of possesion characterized the start of the game.

After 14 minutes the linesman raised his flag and denied Gary Twigg from what could have been the first chance of the game. Twigg disagreed with the linesman, but that didn’t help much.

Despite not getting any real chances, you could see the Gary Twigg wanted to finish his Shamrock career in a good way. He was constantly winning the ball in the air and always wanting the ball. Could this become a big night for him?

Yes. After 17 minutes Twigg got what both he and the fans wanted. After a brilliant through ball from Billy Dennehy on a counter attack, Twigg made a fool of the goalkeeper. He went around UCD goalkeeper Ger Barron and placed the ball into the net.

Only two minutes later Twigg copied himself. An exellent pass from Steven Rice through the defence and Gary Twigg got his second goal of the game when he went around the goalkeeper and secured his second goal.

Only two minutes later, in the 21 minute the goal bonanza continued. UCD striker David McMillan made it 2-1 with a smashing finish from 20 meters.

This was a great period of the match and those who had made it to the stadium really got their moneys worth.

In the next ten minutes the chances kept coming. Mostly to Shamrock, but UCD was dangerous at times aswell. Especially the main strikers, Twigg and McMillan, was a constant treath againt the opposition.

In the first half both teams had a quite direct style of playing. Especially UCD seemed stressed to get the ball forward and made constant bad decisions. It was easy to see that there are some places between the two teams on the table.

In the second half Shamrock proved more and more to be the better team. In the first half Shamrock were stressed at times, while in the second half they played the ball around on the pitch and seemed more calm than their opposition

Things could have gone wrong for the Rovers though. In the start of the second half keeper Oscar Jansson tackled David McMillan as the last man, but only recived a yellow card from the referee. Jansson may have been a little lucky there.

15 minutes before full time Gary Twigg got substituted and recived a massive cheer and standing ovation from the crowd. Gary O’Neill got the honour of replacing him. Why Twigg was substituted is hard to say, as he was one of Shamrocks best players thorughout the match.

Against the end of the second half, UCD started to create some chances again and closest was David McMillan. Keeper Oscar Jansson was far out from his goal and McMillan tried to shot the ball over him, but a long arm from the Swede averged a tie.

Shamrock Line-up:

1 Oscar Jansson, 27 Pat Sullivan, 3 Conor Powell, 5 Ken Oman (c), 17 Graham Gartland, 7 Gary McCabe, 20 Billy Dennehy, 22 Conor McCormack, 6 Stephen Rice, 14 Aaron Greene, 9 Gary Twigg

Subs: 30 Reyaad Pieterse, 28 Shane O’Connor, 4 Craig Sives, 24Thomas Stewart, 19 Sean Gannon, 10 Gary O’Neill, 23 Colin Hawkins

UCD Line-up:

1 Ger Barron, 13 Hugh Douglas, 5 Michael Leahy (c), 14 James Kavanagh, 3 Ciaran Nangle , 11 Chris Mulhall , 8 Paul O’Connor, 10 Robert Benson , 7 Gary Burke, 25 Samir Belhout , 23 David McMillan

Subs: 16 Mark McGinley, 2 Mark Langtry, 15 Tyron McNelis, 18 Barry McCabe, 26 Chris Lyons, 21 Dean Clarke, 17 Daniel Ledwith

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