Boston Celtics hope to demolish the Miami Heat in season opener

By Nicole Mercier

ImageThe countdown is finally over. The NBA 2012-2013 season begins tonight. And what better way to tip off the regular season than with a matchup between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat.

Eastern Conference Rivals, the Celtics and the Heat, will meet tonight at American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida to kick start the NBA season at 8:00 pm eastern time.

For Miami, this is a night of excitement for both players and fans alike. They get to finally raise their banner as NBA champions, and receive their rings. Congrats Lebron, you finally got one.

As for Celtic fans, this is a night where the only focus is demolishing the Heat.

I guess you could say the wounds are still attempting to heal after the devastation Celtic Nation received only a few months ago. First, the Celtics lost in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Heat after struggling through every round of the playoffs.

And second, they lost one of their beloved players, Ray Allen, who was originally apart of the Big 3, to the Heat.

Social media networks went crazy. Fans themselves went nuts. Allen was called a traitor. Celtic players were hurt and confused by Allen’s move, while he claimed he had to do it.

So now I can only wonder what tonight will bring for the Celtics. Will they be respectful towards the Heat and Ray Allen? Or will the rivalry between the two teams intensify?

Boston coach, Doc Rivers, has already stated that the team will remain in the locker room during the ring ceremony. And all Jason Terry has to say is, “What better way to kick off our championship run than to run through the champs in game one.”

The Celtics have won 17 of their last 20 regular season meetings with the Heat. It is in their cards to beat them again tonight. Less than five hours till tip off. And the fans wait in anticipation for both their teams to prove who is better of the two.

Just because the Heat won the title last year does not mean they will win it again this year. So let the games begin.

Sources: and Twitter

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