By Fiorella Berlioz

On the last 14th of October, the 3rd edition of the Red Hook Criterium, a Trimble Race event,  took place in Milano for its italian version. This world’s premiere criterium race hosted a 100 competitors from 14 countries and several cycling backgrounds such as track racers, road cyclists, bike messengers and professional athletes.

The race consisted of a ruthless battle over 22 laps of 1.25 km on a closed loop in the city center’s streets.  Cheered up by a a lot of supporters and an unexpected fair weather, the event was clearly a success.

Usually taking place during the night, the race requires three conditions for the participants : fixed gear only, no breaks, and as you would guess, no lights allowed. Here, the beginning of the race was exceptionally set at 3pm, subjecting the cyclists to the same rules.

The contest started on time, after a low speed warm up lap. The contenders stopped at the starting line, struggling to place in front, waiting for the race to begin. After the departure was launched, the battle immediately took place between the best racers. A leading group of 20 quickly detaching from the rest of the pack with at its front Neil Bezdek, Evan Murphy, Rainier Schaefer, Chas Christiansen, Eduard Grosu and Francesco Martucci.

Unfortunately, on the first lap, Evan Murphy and Neil Bezdek had a violent accident in the tricky hairpin. As Bezdek broke his bike, the race ended for him, but Murphy suffered no major damage apart from scratched knees and a busted hand. Quickly back in the race, it only took a few laps to Evan Murphy to get back in and perfectly managed his opponents miscalculations to finish at the first place.

Thus, Evan Murphy, Eduard Grosu & Chas Christiansen were respectively the first three to reach the finish line. Thereby, they flought the colors of their teams, such as Stanridge – NYC, Desgena – Romania – and Mash – San Francisco. Once again, the Red Hook Criterium was a success, thanks to a perfect organization, amazing supporters, and to the competitors that made the show.


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