Where do we draw the line?

By Nicole Mercier

Athletes and referees have always had at least some amount of respect for each other whenever they are doing their jobs. Athletes are there to play, referees are there to officiate. But when things get heated between the two, lines are sometimes crossed.

Earlier this month during a game between Club Jorge Newbery and Huracan in Argentina, more than just a line was crossed when it came to how the players and the refs interacted with one another.

Leandro Schiavi had just been shown his second yellow card. The Huracan’s did not take the news lightly and began to crowd around Dario Fuenes who gave the yellow card to Schiavi,

What started off as just jostling Fuenes quickly escalated to pushing and shoving. As the team overcame Fuenes, he fell to his knees. Schiavi saw an opening to revenge his two yellow cards and kicked Fuenes square in the face.

This shocking attack that has almost 430,000 views on YouTube only earned Shiavi a six-year ban from football. Two other players received six-year bans as well, and one player earned a two-year ban.

People are now asking why this attack has not constituted jail time. This was a blatant assault for a minor problem. Where is the justice for Dario Fuenes who was just doing his job? Why not ban Schiavi for life?

Athletes can be banned for life if caught taking performance enhancing drugs. How can assaults on an official amount to the same punishment as using performance drugs? The standing on this should be re-evaluated immediately.

And the question still stands – where do we draw the line?

Sources: ESPN and Yahoo Sport




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