Hand what? Handball?

Handball is a collective sport opposing two teams of seven players on a rectangularly field. Teams have to score more goals than the other using a small ball and playing with their hand. You can dribble, pass to a team mate or try to strike. You can walk, put your feet three times in a row, but then you have to shoot or pass the ball. There is two halftime of thirty minutes, separated by fifteen of break. The word handball comes from Germany and is normally pronounce in that way.

The older game looking like handball is coming from France on middle age, even if the modern handball is a mix of a game in Denmark and Germany. There is no link between this kind of handball and the Irish one. Historians consider that the modern handball is at first Danish, because of Holger Nielsen who settle down the first rules in 1898 ( Handbold ).

In 1928 an international federation of handball is created, the game is played at first by eleven against eleven and was played outside. In 1936 it’s used as a demonstration on  Olympics games, in Berlin, and is win by Germany. Step by step, the game is played with seven athletes on the field and changed his localization to be played inside. Its first arrival in Olympics is in 1972 for male, and 1976 for women.

There is five different position in handball, each has his own specificity.

The goal keeper: a little bit crazy this man is supposed to forbid access of goal to a ball thrown to nine meters to four. The ball can reach the speed of one hundred km/h and he has no wright to cover his hands. His goal is protected by a zone of six meters into he is the only one allowed to walk.

The wing man: two of theme are always on the field, they are fast and technic, they are always on the corner of the field. Supposed to be the most difficult position on the field, the wing man should be flexible and can wait more than ten minutes that an opportunity shows up to try to strike. They are the most often use for counter attack.

The back man: There is also two of theme on the field, they are trying to support the leader of the team, who’s between theme, by passing the ball and striking when this is possible. They can make a block, a way to open a gate for an other team mate, to shoot and try to score. They are usually tall and very strong, they must have a huge detente to jump above the enemy line.

The leader: the leader is in front of the goal, ten meters away, he is between his two back men. His role is to be the model of the team, he is supposed to have all qualities required on the field. He should be smart, strong, flexible, generous and to have a behavior of a leader. He can strike from far away and can take a lot of kicks.

The backbone: is the vertebral column of the team, he is turning his back on the goal and is between the enemy line. He can fight with his body to break the enemy line and his able to catch a ball in every position, at any moment. He is really flexible and know how to jump without a run before.

The field is a rectangle of forty meters of length and 20 of width including two goal surfaces. The goal line measures three meters and the output line goal is seventeen meters, cut in an exact same length to put the goal in the center of the field. Each goal is protected by and area of six meters, in a different color than the rest of the field. An other line is draw on the field at 3 meters furtherer than the goal area and is the free kick line. When there is a fault on the game by a defender, the ball is given back to the other team to offer them a chance to score.

Speaking of fault, handball is a violent sport, often compare to rugby, this is why there are particular rules. You can take for a simple fault a yellow card, you can take three of theme into a match, and then you’ll be get off of the field permanently. There is also what is called, the two minutes. You are command to go to sit for two minutes and nobody can take your place, you can take three of them also, and you are off. And the last one but not the least, the red card means that you’ve done a terrible thing, physically, anti sportive or accumulate to much sanctions already, and your off.

For the turn over, in handball there is no limit, you can change at any moment, any player, if you make the change into the change area a the center of the field.

Now that you know a little bit better handball, why do not look a little bit in practice what it is?

Jules Billard-Madrières

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