Tebow Lifts Spirits

Nicole Del Villano

Many people may call Tim Tebow the most overrated quarterback of all time, but it is hard to deny he is a good person.

On Saturday, December 1st, two high school students were seriously injured while another two were killed after being hit by a drunk driver in the Albany, New York area. One of the injured was Matthew Hardy, a local football player that lost both his friend and girlfriend in the accident. Hardy looked up to Tebow causing his fellow classmates to start a Twitter campaign called #TebowCallMatt in order to raise his spirits. The trend quickly took off and even reached a national level grabbing the attention of many, including Tebow.

Tebow took the time Monday night to call Hardy and while neither side disclosed what was said, both Tebow and Hardy’s brother took to their accounts to comment on the issue. Hardy’s brother called Tebow a “class act” while Tebow was gracious to Hardy saying he was “truly inspired” by him.

ESPN’s America’s Most Popular Athlete of 2012 has been notorious for helping people and being selfless since last season. As the Denver Broncos quarterback, Tebow would invite a person that was suffering, injured or dying to a game every week. He made it an experience they would never forget by having them picked up by a car, paying for a nice hotel and dinner, pregame passes, visits with the team before kickoff, 30 yard line tickets, meeting with them after win or lose and gift baskets as they leave. It is amazing to see that after a season, team change and going to backup quarterback, he still loves to help.

The Jets are currently 5-7 in their season and under a lot of fire from their fans and the media. Tebow is currently out due to fractured ribs but continues to be a presence on and off the field. His generous and gracious personality remains, not letting the negativity affect him.


Sources: ESPN, Berkshire Eagle

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