When Will the Season Start

Nicole Del Villano

The Pittsburgh Penguins will be traveling to Winnipeg to play the Jets Saturday evening; that is if there is not another round of cancellations on the 2012-2013 season.

This season’s lockout has caused the cancellation of regular season games through December 14th, the Winter Classic and the All Star game so far. Seeing as the sides have no meetings set up and only 5 days before they are scheduled to play, it only seems inevitable the next round of cancellations will come before a deal.

With all of this in the back of the player’s heads, Penguins star Sidney Crosby may be packing his bag for a trip to Europe instead of Winnipeg. Crosby had been in the experimental setup last week that allowed a group of 18 players to try and talk to 6 selected owners about a new deal. Optimism of a tentative deal came out of this type of meeting, but soon after all hope would be shot down again.

The three days of meetings brought the groups closer on many pivotal parts of a new CBA, including a Make Whole agreement and revenue splits. After an offer was put on the table by the NHLPA, a press conference was held in which Donald Fehr expressed thoughts that the season would start soon. Before reporters could even go to the press, Fehr came back to the podium to explain that the NHL had left a voicemail rejecting the offer put forward and taking their own offer off the table.

Hoping to go into more meetings soon, the main issues on the table will be the disagreement over the length of the new CBA and the limits of years a player’s contract can be. While no meetings have been scheduled, both sides have begun talking once again since the public fallout.

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