Music and Football Hand in Hand


Just as there is football, there are songs about football. In the biggest sport in the world, it is unavoidable that music about the game, the clubs and the national team is created. Sometimes the players even try to make make music on their own, trying to prove they have a future in music. It goes without saying that not all the songs sounds exceptionally good.

Written by Magnus Gamlem

To kick it off, it is inevitable to not mention «Three Lions» by the Lightning Seeds from 1996 when talking about football songs. «Thirty years of hurt, never stopped me dreaming», the lyrics say, describing the England national teams failing to succeed in championships for the last 30 years. The song reached number one on the British charts – twice.

Perhaps the most famous football song in the world is «You’ll never walk alone». Originally writen for the musical Carousel, but made famous by Gerry and The Pacemakers and through the Liverpool supporters. Even though Liverpool have struggled on the field in recent years, this is something every other football club envies them. Here is a clip of the Liverpool fans singing the song before kick-off in a match against Barcelona. 

It didn’t help England to let New Order make the official song for the 1990 World Cup, because Germany won the trophy. On the other side, it did help New Order. They got their first and only number one hit in their home country England with «World in Motion». England player John Barnes stands for the player contribution, with a short rap. Some are glad it was a short rap.

So far in this article it may seem like football songs most often turn out good. That’s not exactly true, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Especially the rap genre is frequently used, and for some weird reason footballers think this is something they’re good at. Liverpool was praised earlier for their fans magical version of «You’ll never walk alone», the players on the other hand would have been better of without recording «Anfield Rap». Bruce Grobbelaar, who’s actually singing in the song, described it as the worst football song of all time. «It reaced the charts all over Europe. You have to be crazy to buy it!» he once said. Decide if it’s something for you by watching the video under.

Ryan Babel hardly succeeded while playing for Liverpool, but through the lyrics of his rap it way seem that he thinks quite highly of himself. The rap is in Dutch, but here are the first four lines translated to English.

Rapping is my hobby
Rappers don`t want trouble
I’m the Liverpool star those bitches are loving
I know what time it is – I’ve just bought a new watch

Feel free to watch a video of Babel raping under, but you really don’t have to.

Did you know that Carlos Tevez is the lead singer in Argentinian band Piola Vago? No? Well, he is.  The music is described as ‘shantytown cumbia’, whatever that is. Decide for yourself whether you think Tevez is equally good at singing, as at scoring goals.


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