Messi breaks 40 year old goalscoring record

«You can’t describe Messi, just watch him,» Pep Guardiola once told journalists trying to put the Argentinian magicians performance into words.

Written by Magnus Gamlem

And maybe that’s all we can do. It’s what every opposition side have done this year, watching him as he slides past player after player, scoring goal after goal. Last Sunday Lionel Messi broke a record no one thought was beatable – Gerd Müllers 40 year old goalscoring record.

In 1972 Müller scored 85 goals in one year. The German was known as the most natural gifted goalscorer the World had seen. After two goals against Real Betis and two against Cordoba CF, the little Argentinian now stands with 88 goals since the start of the year. 

An absolutely incredible amount of goals, and this time, as all other times journalists and others try to describe his achievements. Gerd Müller himself, was not disappointed after his record broke, but had one fault he wanted to point out about Messi.

«He doesn’t play for Bayern Münich», «Der Bomber» told journalists. Müller scored 398 goals in 453 matches for Bayern Münich between 1964-79. He was also a massive goalscorer for his national team with 68 goals in 62 matches. A record Messi will never be able to beat. 

After Messi took the record there’s been discussion whether the record is legit or not. Brazilian team Flamengo have claimed that club legend Zico scored 89 goals in 1979, while the Zambian FA says that it was never Müllers record to be broken, but rather Godfrey Chitalus 107 goal record from 1972.

FIFA is neither approving the record, simply because they have no such record in their system. They say that it’s all created by the media and nothing they care about. 

Whether it’s a record or not, doesn’t take away how impressive Messi’s accomplishment is.  7 January 2013, the Ballon d’Or is being handed out to the best player of the year. In the final three is Andres Iniesta, Cristiano Ronaldo, and of course, Lionel Messi. There’s probably something wrong with the vote counting system if Messi doesn’t claim the award for the fourth consecutive year.

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