SC Corinthians wins Club World Cup after years with struggles

Sunday SC Corinthians could lift the Club World Cup trophy after beating Chelsea FC in the final. Chelsea, the presumably better side, didn’t manage to get a goal in, despite great chances. One goal from Paolo Guerrero was enough for the Brazilian side to win the tournament.

Written by Magnus Gamlem

Paolo Guerrero is one of many European stars that have joined a Brazilian side in recent years, and Sundays victory marks another upswing for Corinthians. The team have struggled in recent years, and they reached the bottom in 2007, when getting relegated from the top division for the first time ever.

A mixture between scams and false hopes sent the team into massive debt. In 2004 a Russian investment group called MSI, led by agent Kia Joorabchian promised a golden future and started by buying Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano to the club. Behind closed doors the club was used as camouflage for money laundering. It was discovered by Brazilian tax authorities and MSI and Joorabchian backed out, taking Tevez and Mascherano with them. The players were never owned by Corinthians, but by Joorabchian.

Corinthians is the second biggest club in Brazil, and have a massive amount of supporters, as one could see in Sundays final. The supporters backed them through the tough times in the second division and in 2009 they promoted to the top division. When Brazils economy started to blossom, so did Corinthians’. They marked their comeback with bringing Brazilian legend Ronaldo to the club and marketed every match after the signing with the chance to see Ronaldo for the first time in a Corinthians shirt. The stadium sold out every time, with tickets at 80 Euros each time. This along with other marketing strategies and a huge fan base, has led them to the top of Brazilian football.

Last year they won the Brazilian league, and earlier this year they won the Copa Libertadores. The Club World Cup trophy joins a growing list of victories for the club. “For our people, for our fans, who have a difficult life, it’s so important to show the world we can beat teams like this. And that we can be the best in the world. Just once,” Corinthians defender, Paulo Andre said after the match.

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