2012: The Best Sporting Moments


Without any doubt the Olympics was the sporting highlight of 2012. London stood up to the test that Beijing set for it four years previous. The moments that stood out in my mind, were of course the bolt himself winning the 100 meters  the Mobot and of course Katie Taylor taking gold in one of the best sporting moments of Irish history. There were so many great moments in this Olympics that it’s so hard to mention every single achievement.

It was a big year for football this year as we had a new winner of the Barclays Premier League in Manchester City in what was voted the best season in Premier League history. The European Championships was a highlight of the summer also as Spain took their second title in a row, using the now famous 6 man midfield and no striker tactic.

It was a great year for tennis and none less so than Andy Murray as he won the US Open in what some critics labelled the best match of the year against Novak Djokovic and the Olympic title against legend  of the game Roger Federer. He finally cemented his status as a top player and one of the best that Britain has ever seen.

Formula 1 had one of its most competitive seasons to date with the title of the Drivers’ Championship going down to the last race in Brazil where driving conditions were less than perfect and so made it one of the most entertaining races of recent years. Sebastien Vettel came out on top ahead of Fernando Alonso with just three points to spare.

It was a very mixed year for Irish rugby. Internationally Ireland didn’t have too much to talk about but in the club scene, it was another great year with Leinster and Ulster making the final and from an Irish perspective it was a great sporting moment to see two Irish teams battle it out in Twickenham. Leinster created history by lifting the trophy for the third time in four years.

2012 has set a very high standard for 2013 but without any doubt 2013 will do its best to live up to the great personal and team achievements that were set in this ground breaking year of sport. I am certainly looking forward to sitting in front of the television or even attending events where many more historic moments will be created.

By Killian MurphyImage             

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