Raiders finally break their losing streak with a win over the Chiefs

By Nicole Mercieri

The Oakland Raiders were on a six game losing streak coming into Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. But with Sebastian Janikowski’s kicking ability, he was able to lead his team in defeating the Chiefs.

The first quarter of the ball game brought very little excitement for football fans earlier Sunday afternoon. Though the Raiders had a hard time getting the ball down the field, nothing compared to the negative yards the Chiefs were held to in the first quarter. The Raiders were able to hold the Chiefs to three four and out possessions, a feat they hadn’t achieved since September of 1992. The Raiders also had their fair share of four and out possessions, but at least Carson Palmer was able to move the ball close enough to the end zone to secure a 20-yard field goal from kicker Sebastian Janikowski. The first quarter score ended with 3-0 Raiders.

The excitement picked up a little at the start of the second quarter when Chief’s quarterback Brady Quinn’s pass intended for Dexter McCluster was intercepted by Joselio Hanson. With the Raiders back in possession, they still couldn’t get the ball far enough down the field to result in a touchdown though. At least Janikowski is known for his incredible field goal ranges and produced a 50-yard field goal for the Raiders. On the brightside for the Chiefs, they were finally able to get out of negative yards, but still could not score. Janikowski attempted a 51-yard field goal and missed. But was able to redeem himself with a 57-yard field goal to close out the second quarter. The score is 9-0 Raiders going into the second half.

At the start of the second half, the Raiders are again able to hold the Chiefs to a four and out possession. With Palmer fighting off flu symptoms, he is still capable to march his team down the field, with the help of Darren McFadden. Though the Raiders again are unable to get the ball in the end zone, Janikowski puts up a 30-yard field goal. The Chiefs continue to struggle, with Quinn getting sacked for the third time in the game. But on their last possession of the quarter, the Chiefs are finally able to get down the field. The Raiders defense is no match for the Chiefs though and they get held on a fourth and goal attempt – switching possession to the Raiders who finish out the quarter. The score is 12-0 Raiders going into the fourth quarter.

With the Raiders in good position at the start of the fourth quarter thanks to Mike Goodson’s 43-yard run at the end of the third quarter, Janikowski puts up another field goal from 41-yards out. The Chiefs continue to struggle through the fourth quarter with Quinn getting sacked for a fourth time and the Raider defense holding them to two fourth down attempts. The game ends with the Raiders shutting out the Chiefs with a final score of 15-0.

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